Scabies – the Facts

  • MiteThe most common eruption caused by mites in man is scabies.
  • Epidemics of scabies usually occur every 20-25 years. We appear to be in the middle of a prolonged epidemic in Ireland at the moment.
  • Scabies occurs when a parasitic mite – Sarcoptes scabies burrows into the skin.
  • Symptoms develop due to an allergic response to faeces of the mite.
  • Symptoms develop 4-10 weeks after infection.
  • The two main forms of scabies are classical scabies and crusted scabies.
  • Symptoms vary depending on the status of the patient's immune system.
  • Transmission is by the direct skin to skin contact, commonly by holding hands.
  • One or more pregnant adult female mites must be transferred for scabies to spread.
  • Scabies can often be difficult to diagnose and members of the family other than the affected person may also be carrying the scabies mite.
  • Treatment is therefore essential for any person with whom the patient may have had close contact.

Guide to Treatment

  • All areas, from the neck to the toes, must be treated. If hands or any other part are washed during the treatment period. LYCLEAR DERMAL CREAM must be reapplied to those areas immediately.
    1. Adults and children over 12 years and up to one tube.
    2. Children: 5-12 years up to ½ of a tube.
    3. Children: 1-5 years up to ¼ of a tube.
  • Apply to skin over whole body, excluding the head, (except in children under 2 where the face, neck, ears and scalp should be treated).
  • Do not wash or bathe for twenty four hours.
  • Treatment should be repeated after 7 days.
  • All close contacts. Whether itching or not, must be treated at the same time.
  • The patient should be advised that the itch may persist for up to one to two weeks.
  • Although the infestation is cleared by the treatment, if the patient has a lot of itch, an anti-irritant cream may be used after applying the scabicide.

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